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When we got the call on the 15th of March that our son Tiago Sousa passed away in a car crash in the USA with 5 members of his Golf team and their coach. A world broke down for us. It was a shock of a life time, this is a call you never want to get. How do you move forward how do you continue to life again??? Is it real or just a prank then it sank in and we realized we never see him again anymore. The pain was so deep I cannot explain it, we looked on each other and cried for hours just a peak on a picture and we cried again. Then the next on the list how do you tell it his 6 year old brother that loved Tiago to the moon and back, to do this was so hard I wish no one needs to go through this ever. Now we had his little brother cry for hours it hurt so bad to see the little man so devastated on the news.

After it sank in we thought what we can do to keep the memory of our great son alive and the best way to honour his legacy in the best possible way, after thinking we came up the best way is to set up a Golf tournament in his honour. We are so lucky to have Quinta Do Lago and Paul McGinley as supporting partners with these we will manage to set up one of the best tournaments in the country to keep our sons legacy alive. This is where we take our strength from to move forward.

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