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How to tell a little brother (6 Years old) his brother is in heaven now

If you ask me what was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life it will be this one. After Ana and myself got the shocking news on the tragic accident where we lost our son Tiago in, we had to tell this his on that time 6 year old brother. As we did not want to confront him with this news before school we waited till the evening when he was back home. So we took him to our bedroom and where sitting with him on the bed. Then we started to talk to him. Thomas you know that Tiago is in the USA in the University we started, he looked on us yes I know and he calls us later to talk to me. We looked on him and had to say, no your brother was in an accident and now he moved to heaven and you have a guardian angel up there that protects you. He opened his eyes wide is Tiago dead? When we said yes this little man broke down in tears this was he worst you could ever tell a little man. Then he looked on us but the 2 of you stay with me or? We said yes of course son. After hugging and giving him TLC for several minutes he disappeared, we looked he was sitting on his brothers bed where the 2 of them where always watching TV and crying so we where sitting with him. That night he asked if he could sleep with us in our bed and of course we said he could. He looked on us I be back in an minute. He came back in the room hugging a picture f his brother, he put it on the night table next to my wife’s bed and said, this is so Tiago is always with us and he can sleep next to us. Still till now over a year after he cherishes the moments he had with his brother and does not stop talking about the 2 and we never would want him to stop.

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