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What you learn about people

It is funny during hard times that we go through you, you learn more about people than ever before in your live. There are people that are selfless and help you with whatever you need and no questions are asked from their end. These are your real friends and you can count on them, they will drop everything and help you or just listen. These are the people that you can count on and you know you have friends for live, they ask for nothing in return they are just there sometimes you just sit for an hour no word spoken but we need it. We have some of them and yes these friendships will be forever and their help and support came from the heart no questions asked.

Then there are these people that judge you and tell you things which make no sense even so they do not know what is going on with us. Stop grieving move forward you bring everyone down etc. , these ones come out very quick and show you their real face even if you knew them for years, these persons we remove from our circle. You will see them when you meet them just let them go not worth to waste your time on them.

On the other side you realize that people do not know how to reach out to you in a situation like this, you ask me what shall you do I cannot give you a real insight as it is different for each person there are days you want to talk about it and the next day you block all off. My advice is try it we will tell you if you want to talk or not. Do not get mad on us try to understand with us, as we did not plan to get in this but we try to find our way to go through it and see that we can move on. Our life will never be the same but we are thankful about the people we meet and that support us.

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