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Working on a Golf Tournament

After the accident we needed some time, then Ana and me thought what would be the best way to honour Tiago and the time he spent here with us. We came to the idea to do a Memorial Golf Tournament for him. So we reached out the Quinta Do Lago and Paul McGinley and asked for advice. Both of them have been right away on board and give us their full support to do this Tournament on the South Course. So then it starts we had to define a date for this as we wanted too link it to Paul´s Tournament in the Algarve. We got overwhelmed whit all the things you need to get ready for an event like this. Timing / Sponsors / Creating a Foundation / Prices / Goodie Bags on and on. So there you sit and start one try t tick of one by one from the list so you can move forward. Where are in the lucky position that we have a super partner in Quinta Do Lago, they dedicated some of their best to us Luis Filipe and Joao Dias, both have a lot of experience with organizing events so their insight helps a lot, in certain points they guide us in the right direction which was so meaningful to us. Now it is just 3 month away and I see some light on the end of the tunnel but looking so forward to make this event the best I can. Everyone that ever did it knows how much work goes in this, but for me it is a thing from the heart to keep the memory for Tiago forever alive and he will never be forgotten. We are looking forward to see you on the 16th of August to play on this great course in this special event.

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