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The time in between a Nightmare

The day the accident happened is was a nightmare, we realized that due to the circumstances of the accident it will not be easy and fast to get Tiago back to put him to eternal rest in his home soil. The day after we got the heart-breaking news I had to move forward to work on his save return to Portugal . Call´s with Police / University / Justice of Peace / NTSB / Embassy in the USA / Funeral homes in the USA and Portugal / Coroner office / Lab for DNA testing / on and on and on. I spent hours on the phone and with emails forward and backwards. It took 2.5 month and a lot of nervous to work on this finally we had a go ahead to get Tiago back home, when you think all is good the next ones comes. I got a call from the Funeral home in the USA and they said flight cancelled due to no Passport, well it was burned we said there is no passport left. So again embassy calls to get a certified copy that was accepted, he was on his way home to his eternal destination. The Priest that baptized Tiago and went with him till his holy communion offered us a special place to lay him to rest which is designated only for the church. So finally after 3 month we could lay our son to rest in his home, now we have a place to grief and talk to him.

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