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Parents call

Normal when your child goes to the University you will not have contact to any of the parents as the kids are going their own way life and parents are out of it. Now we are in a situation where we meet the other parents and I am so grateful to this group of super persons they are all superstars, they lift me up but also understand my pain and get it when you are down now words needed, as we all go through the same situation. Noon of us should have meet but honestly I do not know a better group of people in this situation as we all speak the same and all of us have the same pain in their lives but we know there are 7 Angels up there that watch and guide us and we need to make them proud. For no one of us this is easy and we also have the challenge of the distance as we are in Portugal and the only ones that are overseas. The monthly call helps a lot just to hear what you all do how you are hanging in and the little stories about our kids. These calls lift me up it is an hour but I can take from that hour so much and always wait for the next call as they make me moving forward in a positive way. But I am glad that I have these amazing persons around me that share the same grief that we have and I know this will be relations that last forever no matter what distance there is. To all of you, THANK YOU, you are the best group of people that I can ask for in this time as you know where I come from and through what I go. Sending love to each of you

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