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My 10 rules of Grief

1.) There are no rules! Period

2.) I will grieve my way. Not your way. My way may not make sense to you, but it doesn´t make sense to me either

3.) The grief time is long, If I begin to move forward in two months, something is wrong. If I begin to move on in two years be impressed

4.) Hugs are, and will be always better than words.

5.) When you ask me how I am, I will always answer politely, the truth is not pretty

6.) If I question my faith, do not condemn me. It is normal.

7.) Yes, I am blessed to have another child. But the pain from losing one is worse than agony.

8.) The hardest part of losing a child is living everyday afterwards

9.) Consider me a patient of the Grief United General. The first part of my healing begins with a lengthy stay in the ICU. Treat me accordingly.

10.) Do not understand my overwhelming emotions. It will exhaust us both

11.) Honor me by walking with me, not directing me.

12.) I am not a victim, I am grieving. Treat my journey with respect and compassion.

13.) If people tell you, time heals all wounds. Don´t listen to them

14.) I know is more than 10 rules, this is because grief doesn´t ever make sense

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